a field of sunflowers for dove hunting



Every serious dove plot manager from North Dakota to Argentina knows that doves love sunflowers!  In order to create the most productive plots, you need to start with the highest quality seed.  In our opinion that is the Clearfield Production System.   Power Plot Clearfield’s are a hybrid sunflower.  Growers can use a variety of pre-emergent herbicides as well as Beyond herbicide post-seeding.

Clearfield Production System

The The Clearfield® Production System is a well-established global brand that encompasses a broad range of crops, herbicides and geographies. In 2010, BASF introduced the Clearfield® Plus Production System – the next generation of traits for enhanced tolerance and weed control. Wherever growers use the Clearfield and Clearfield Plus Production Systems, they understand they will deliver exceptional weed control, convenience and the agronomic traits that meet their specific local needs.

To preserve the long-term of the Clearfield and Clearfield Plus sunflower technology, certain stewardship practices must be followed. Clearfield and Clearfield Plus sunflower producers are asked to help protect and prolong the usefulness of this technology by following specific requirements and recommendations to help prevent weed resistance.


Price $250.00 per 35lbs Bag. 

Type:  Grain Sorghum

Relative Maturity:  85-90 Day

Plant Height:  42-48″


  • Short height
  • Very strong stand ability
  • Easy to harvest
  • No tannin
  • Good tolerance for sugarcane aphid
  • Excellent Anthracnose Resistance