Our Story

Warrior Wildlife Systems is a division of Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC.  Riley’s Outdoor Consulting began selling seed for wildlife habitat over twelve years ago when owner Jim Riley agreed to market the popular food plot corn variety called CanaMaize™.  CanaMaize™ was sold in over thirty states throughout the USA.   Jim teamed up with Legend Seeds of South Dakota for this venture.

Because of the success of CanaMaize™ customers began to inquire about additional high-quality seed varieties that could benefit their wildlife habitat goals and objectives. 

Slowly more seed varieties such as Clearfield Power Plot sunflowers, sorghum, soybeans, and millet were all added to the arsenal.  Beginning in early 2023 we will be expanding our lineup even more as we will begin to offer biological products that have been proven, and guarantee to increase production.

Warrior Wildlife Systems still does business the old fashioned way, one order at a time.  We look forward to discussing your wildlife habitat seed solutions real soon!

We Help Optimize your land for wildlife habitat & COnservation


It’s tough to beat corn when it comes to attracting and sustaining game species from deer to pheasants.  WWS offers corn varieties ranging in maturity from 72 to 107 days.


When it comes to creating highly productive plots for dove hunting, sunflowers are an excellent choice of crop.  WWS is proud to offer our clients Nuseed brand sunflowers with Clearfield and ExpressSun traits.


Sorghum is an excellent choice for many wildlife habitat and feed source applications.  Warrior Wild Life Systems markets several varieties of grain sorghum, forage sorghum, and sorghum-sudangrass.  


Warrior Wildlife Systems is offering three varieties of millet for 2023 .  We have German, Pearl, and Japanese millet. 

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